Spring Term – Week 9 Wrap-up

May 29, 2011

For Week 9 of Spring Term:

  • We had a meeting a meeting on Wednesday to discuss goals and feedback  for 2 hours.
  • The group as a whole met their goals with each member posting on the PPJ in time and this week all posts are in the correct category of T2- Week 09.
  • We worked about 10-12 hours each for a cumulative 50-60 hours.

John Benge – Spring Term – Week 9 Progress

May 29, 2011

This week I worked on a feature we had wanted in the game from the start.  I implemented the bots breaking apart on death.  Dan had previously made robots that were broken into pieces.  I finally got around to coding the game to spawn these objects on a robot’s death so that pieces can go flying.  I implement this for both the pc and ipad versions of the game.  They had to be implemented slightly differently in the different versions.

Here’s a video showing the bots breaking apart from the overseer’s perspective:

I also collaborated with Steve to finish up some networking loose ends.

—–Hours Breakdown:—–

  • 0.5 hrs: class time
  • 2.0 hrs: team meeting
  • 3.0 hrs: exploding bots
  • 2.0 hrs: networking tweaks

—–Total: 7.5 Hrs—–

—–For next Week—–

  • finish the project

Steve T – Spring Term – Week 9

May 29, 2011

This Week

30 Minutes – Class meeting

2 Hours – Group Meeting

1 Hour – Fixing Multiplayer Display ID

1.5 Hours – Merging Horizontal and Vertical Messages to reduce lag

  • Showed some lag reduction in Unity Test Window
2 Hours – Merging Other Throw Inputs to reduce lag
  • Showed little lag reduction – but helped discover potential lag problem
1.5 Hour – Reducing Lag for Jumping
1.5 Hour – Fixing Bot ID In upper left hand corner
3 Hours – Fixing up Extension Response Clutter
1.5 Hours – Fixing Bombs on Local Version in newest Build
1 Hour – Changing Menu Script so that you can’t hit buttons until it is the right menuState
3 Hours – Adjusting Multiplayer Screen with Assest and HUD
18.5 Hours
Next Week:
  • Finish Project
  • Make things look better
  • Check Bugs
  • Prepare

Dan Fornace – Spring Term – Week 9 Progress

May 29, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Dan Fornace here to present some of the progress from the last week of the term. This week was a slow week for Bombs Away as we worked to finish up final assets for our presentation. I recorded and edited a new 4 player gameplay video for James’ Gameplay Explanation slide. I also recorded a new iPad video with a less distracting background. We will have the Keynote updated as soon as the Videos are in.

I also spent time fixing up our banner based on the feedback from the Art Review at halfpricebanners.com. After fixing it, I submitted the Banner online and placed the order.

Week Breakdown:

Team Meeting:

  • Met on Wednesday and discussed each person’s roles as well as went over what they had to show for the previous week.
  • Time: 2 hours

Updated Videos on Keynote Presentation:

  • Recorded and Edited 4 Player video.
  • Recorded a new iPad video for Overseer display.
  • Time: 3 hours.

Banner Finishing Touches and Resubmission to HalfPrice.

  • Fixed up problems with the Banner based on art review from HalfPriceBanners.com
  • Submitted and Paid for Final Order with UPS standard shipping.
  • Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 7 Hours

Goals for Next Week:

  • Present!

Owen Douglass – Spring Term – Week 9 Progress

May 29, 2011

We’re in the home stretch! Here’s what I did this week.

Web Site

With Dan Jung’s help in the labs, I found a solution that will redirect people automatically to our mobile site if they’re on an iPhone. The iPad should still go to the normal site as it’s fully functional and looks fine on it. To test it out, go to http://www.wemadeagame.com/ on an iPhone.

I also added the iPad controls back onto the Web site due to the iPad being in the presentation and us having a playable version now. It should appear in both versions of the site.


As I mentioned last week, I would make higher resolution versions of graphics to accompany my sounds in the Keynote. This weekend I do not have access to a Mac, so hopefully one of my teammates can put these into the presentation for me. If not, I will put them in Monday night.

These three images are to show what three sounds I’m showing off: Jump, Bomb Drop, and Explosion:

Jump Graphic

Bomb Drop Graphic

Explosion Graphic

When showing off the second sound set, these will appear to show the inspiration of the set:

Atari Logo

A Space Invader

And when showing the third set, it should display the instruments being used for the sounds:

Keys (Synth)



Business Cards

Since I saw everyone else making these, I decided to try my hand at designing some for us as well. The team can decide which to choose or give me feedback on how to improve one of the designs:

0.5 hours – Class Time
1.5 hours – Web Site
3.5 hours – Presentation
2.5 hours – Business Cards
TOTAL TIME: 8 hours

For next week…



James Czuy – Spring Term – Week 9

May 28, 2011

This week i recorded new audio for the promotional trailer made week 6. This should go on the website once it gets team approval.

The line that was bothering Troy, that is supposed to offer why the multiplayer experience is unique, has been changed to the following.

“The control over the environment by the 5th player makes their experience  different from the players controlling the bots. These two different game types provide players with a unique multiplayer experience.”

Players are referred to as players consistently and the volume has been adjusted so the music and dialogue are more balanced.

And here is the video:

I also put together a new bot creation video you’ll see on Tuesday

0.5 hours – Class Time

2.0 hours – Team Meeting
4.5 hours – Recording/editing video

1.0 hours – Presentation(timing dialogue for video)

I’ll talk with my group more about things that should be done for next week, but it seems logical to make an ipad promotional video or image to put up on the site if Dan is going to have the ipad version working. A video of people playing and having fun would be a good video to have for the senior show also. These are what i’m thinking unless the group deems these unimportant.


Spring Term – Week 8 Wrap-up

May 22, 2011

For Week 8 of Spring Term:

  • We had a meeting a meeting on Wednesday to discuss goals and feedback  for 2 hours.
  • The group as a whole met their goals with each member posting on the PPJ in time and this week all posts are in thecorrect category of T7- Week 08.
  • We worked about 10-12 hours each for a cumulative 50-60 hours.